Friday, February 10, 2012

Roses are red, violets are blue...

This one's for the hubby.

Roses are red, violets are blue...there's nothing as sweet as giving a custom made Valentine's card from you.  I love nothing more than making handmade Valentine's cards.  It gives you a chance to customize a message and put your own little signature on something that means so much.  Here are a few of the cards I'm handing out for V-Day this year and how I put them together.

I purchased one of those large 12x12 designer paper booklets.  The 12x12 size is perfect for getting several cards out of each sheet.  In order to save on the graphic paper I first cut out plain white card stock and folded the printed paper over it.  I only covered the first few inches of the back of the card.  It looks like a border and allowed me to make my graphic paper stretch even further for more cards.  This particular booklet I used is called "Lost & Found" ( romantic).  It came with 180 sheets and had the shabby chic vintage prints I was looking for.  These little notes are so sweet I kind of want to frame them, or mod podge them onto canvas. I hear my next DIY project?

The word "Valentine's" is rather long.  In order to help it fit better on the card I made a wave-like feature by glueing the ends and the middle.  It looks like a little flag blowing in the breeze.
Did the same wave-like feature here.  Love these happy little birds.
A card like this is so versatile.  "Happy" is on the outside.  On the inside you could write "Valentine's Day" or "Birthday", or "Anniversary".  Keeping it relatively simple will allow you to use these cards for any occasion.
This one will either be Miss Micaela's birthday card or Valentine's Day card.

Oh my gosh.  I love my sewing machine stamp.

Don't throw away scraps!  I used them to help add little "fireworks" to the cards.

While I've been out post-tonsillectomy I had so many friends and family come by and visit, send texts, cards, even bring food by for my sweet family.  I wanted to create a custom card for each of them to let them know how much I appreciated their thoughtfulness.  Of course, to put my own little signature on it I used my most favorite stamp of all time; my sewing machine stamp!  I appreciate my loved ones "sew" much!

I found my alphabet stamps at Hobby Lobby.

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