Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Therapy donates to charity!

Therapy studded shoulder bag
I absolutely love this fabric.

Every year the Children's Orthopaedic Society hosts their Annual International Culinary Affair.  Attendees tantalize their taste buds and sweeten the senses by enjoy an evening of food and wine tasting while listening to the sweet sounds of local musician Junior Vasquez.  

All proceeds benefit the children and families of west texas and eastern New Mexico.  The Children's Orhtopaedic Society has provided countless families with food and gas vouchers, spica cast car seats which are in most cases too expensive for families to purchase on their own (the cost of a spica cast car seat is $600), and an ultrasound machine for the Children's Orthopaedics of Lubbock "COOL" clinic.  This ultrasound machine now makes it possible for families to receive ultrasounds in the COOL clinic at the time of the visit instead of having to pay for a separate visit at another facility.  This is more convenient and cost effective for patients.  Many patients that visit the COOL clinic in Lubbock, TX are from around the area and must travel to visit the clinic and receive healthcare.  Providing the ultrasound in the clinic helps these families avoid additional costs.

This year I have made a special Therapy item for the International Culinary Affair silent auction.  I am donating this blue tie died bag with studded details.  I love this bag so much I just might have to bid on it!  

Here are a few pics from the COOL clinic.  Notice the handsome doctor?  Yeah, he's awesome.  So awesome I married him :).

A Texas Tech Red Raider patient visiting the COOL clinic.
Dr. Gutheil performing surgery on a COOL patient. 
This little boy is so sweet and such a fantastic patient.
I encourage you all to volunteer in your community.  What a difference it makes in those lives that need a little help.  Get out there and volunteer at a church or school, or your local hospital.  There are countless organizations looking for people to donate their time and talents!  The reward you will feel personally is priceless. 

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