Saturday, March 10, 2012

Past Life.....New Purpose.

My heart is full of elation.  I recently accomplished something that I have been longing to do for years; I worked with leather.  Successfully.  If you've ever worked with or sewn leather you know it's not easy.  It is probably the most difficult fabric I've ever worked with.  It slips and slides- that's if you can get it to go through your machine at all, and once you've sewn a seam that's it.  You cannot easily go back and redo seams.

This is probably the Therapy item I am most proud of.

As I cleaned out my closet last week I discovered leather jackets from years past.  Jackets I will never wear again, but that I could not seem to get rid of.  What better way to pay homage to fashion from your past than by repurposing it for your future?  Here are a few pics of how I've given a little life to my past...

This chic little clutch was a leather jacket in its previous life.

Former life: My leather jacket circa 1999.

As I've said before, use what you've got.  Repurpose.  Recycle.  Revamp.


  1. Love love love it!!!!! Awesome idea and style!!

    <3 Kelli

  2. Thank you, Miss Kelli! I'm havin a good ole' time upcycling!