Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me....

So far 34 is awesome.  What a wonderful age.  What a wonderful time in my life.

By this point in my life I've:

made all my major mistakes (hopefully), learned from them, married the love of my life, have three amazing children, come to peace with the things that bothered me for so long, learned to accept things that will never change, have a close relationship with my parents, rekindled a relationship with my father, I'm close to my sister who is also my best friend, I've taught myself to sew and have made a business out of it, my sewing and upcycling skills are getting better, I had the daughter my grandmother always wanted me to have and named her after my grandmother, and I've learned to forgive myself.

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am meeting with a local boutique to talk to them about joining Lubbock's First Friday Art Trail.  I am so nervous and excited I can't even stand it.  I have been working almost non-stop for the last 3 weeks.  I've been concentrating on upcycling and have made so many amazing pieces.  I cannot wait to blog about them.  Only problem is, I've been working so much that I've had no time to take pics!  A little synopsis of my work:  the Micaela dress.  In honor of my grandmother and daughter I've named this new dress collection after them.  It is a floor length stretch knit dress with upcycled materials.  These will be my summer staples.  Also, I've revamped some former pants into chic little tops, and given a few skirts some new life!

Pretty much the only break I've taken from work was for my birthday today.  The day was wonderful.  It started with hugs and kisses from my hubby and oldest son, spent the morning with the babies, had lunch with my mom and sis, and finished it off with a fabulous and fun dinner with my hubby and sis.  So grateful for all of life's blessings and for the health to enjoy them.  A few pics from birthday day:

My mom, sis Val, and me.

My mom and sis

 Birthday cake from the babies and nanny Haley

Babies and Nanny Haley

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