Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion in the big apple.

The only thing as spectacular as the beautiful buildings and history of New York is the fashion.  I think I enjoyed the people and fashion watching just as much as I enjoyed all of the sightseeing.  Here are a few pics of some fabulously dressed folks, and more highlights of the trip! 

Lovin' this girls boho look.  Braids, bracelets, and boots with shorts.  The girl in the background is wearing a beautiful pair of hot pink pants.

This girl makes me want to cut bangs and put my hair in a high bun.  Love her skinnies, plaid shirt, and cross body bag.

 This couple was so chic it hurt.  Bright blue jacket, boots, and red sunglasses.  Her fella was equally dressed chic.

Don't think I could ever pull it off.  But, this gal was workin' it in these striped leggings, combat boots, and studded purse.  You go girl.

Loved this girls bright green jeans.

These two gals looked like pinup models, but with cool tattoos!  They both had on bright red lipstick, one had bangs and cat eye sunglasses.  Loved this look.

Bright pink top with black pants.

 Okay.  These boys looked like a singing trio.  I don't know if the two in the front were brothers, but they had the same haircut and same suits in different colors.  They were wearing gorgeous velvet flats and even had beautiful totes.

Loved this guys fedora, jacket, and man purse.

Thank you, Mood!  I was like a kid in a candy shop.  
Or, a designer in a fabric store!

The end...
Time to get to work.

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  1. Nice people watching in the Big Apple ;) Your pics are awesome!