Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Fall"ing In Love...

Fall is in the air!  This is my absolute most favorite time of year.  There is nothing like it. There's a crisp cool feeling in the air, the boots are coming out, scarves, football- sweet football, pumpkins, soups, hot tea, and lots and lots of holiday cheer on the horizon!

I could not wait to get my fall mantels put together.  I vowed this year to make a Give Thanks glitter sign, put to good use those tree branches laying around our alley, and use as many white pumpkins as I can get my hands on.  Here are some picks of our fall mantels.

Living room mantel, reminding us to give thanks for all of our blessings...

I took tree branches I found in our alley and sprayed them with glue adhesive, then sprinkled them with gold and silver glitter.  I'm absolutely in love with the result!  It gave the decorations some added sparkle and lots of height.  And, best of all it cost maybe $5.

A little glue adhesive and some glitter later you have a beautiful shimmery centerpiece.  Great way to add height and shine.  Looks gorgeous once you light some candles or christmas lights around them too.

I also used the glue adhesive and glitter on these cardboard letters I found at Hobby Lobby, then strung them together with twine for our Give Thanks banner.

Here is the dining room side:

Took the topiaries from the living room and added white pumpkins and glittered acorns.

Happy Fall!

The end...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Pickin' Fun!

Apple Orchard!  Today we went on our first field trip as All Saints Patriots!  I had such a fun time with my lil' guy.  We picked apples, went on a hayride, tried cider, and had lots of fun with friends!

Will and friend.


Apple pickin...

A nice drink of cider to cool down after running around apple pickin'!

The end...

Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm officially a soccer mom!  I've been a baseball mom, football, basketball, and track mom.  But, never a soccer mom.  Now, thanks to our little Will Pie I finally get to add soccer to that list!  Saturday was the Killer Bee's first game.  The boys did great and Mr. W even scored a few goals!  Here are a few pics of how we spent our Saturday.

William all suited up!

Where brother goes...little sister goes too.
This is one of her little Killer Bee cheerleader outfits.

Sister taking a break from all the cheering.

 Daddy practicing with the Bees.

So proud of our lil' guy!

Lil' sister was so tired from all the excitement.

William gets the ball!

The end...